How to Hack Cookie clicker with Inspect Element

While playing Cookie Clicker, you may find that the game progresses too slowly or that it takes too long to unlock certain upgrades. So in this article i will guide you to hack cookie clicker using inspect element method, yes there are other methods available but this inspect element method is simplest of all. Hacking the game can help you speed up your progress and unlock achievements faster. Additionally, hacking can also help you discover hidden features that are not available in the game’s standard version.

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Before we dive into the details of hacking Cookie Clicker, let’s first understand what the game is all about. Cookie Clicker is a browser-based game that was created in 2013 by French game designer Julien Thiennot. The game’s objective is simple: click on a giant cookie to generate points, which you can use to upgrades hack and unlock achievements. The game has a minimalist design and can be played on any modern web browser.

Cookie Clicker is a fun and addictive online game that lets you earn points by clicking on a cookie. The more clicks you make, the more points you get, and the higher your score will be. However, some players may find the game too challenging or want to speed up their progress. That’s where hacking comes in. In this article, we will show you how to hack Cookie Clicker using Inspect Element, a built-in web developer tool in most web browsers.

How to Execute cheat codes in cookie clicker using Inspect Element?

The most important thing is how you execute the cheat code there are many methods available for the same but for this article we will use inspect element method. Hacking Cookie Clicker using Inspect Element is a simple process that requires basic knowledge of web development. Follow the steps below to hack Cookie Clicker using Inspect Element:

Step 1: Launch Cookie Clicker

Open your web browser and navigate to the Cookie Clicker website. Click on the giant cookie to start playing the game.

Step 2: Open Inspect Element

Right-click anywhere on the Cookie Clicker game screen and select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” from the context menu. This will open the web developer tools in your web browser.

OR or you can use shortcuts which as shown in table according to OS and Browser you use.

Microsoft WindowsMac OS
ChromePress CTRL + SHIFT + I / Press CTRL + SHIFT + J or F12Press  + ALT + J / right-click and select “Inspect element”
FirefoxPress F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + KPress  + OPTION + K & Click on the “scratchpad” icon on the right. After entering the desired code, press CTRL + R to execute it.
EdgePress F12 or Right-click a blank space on the page and click “Inspect Element”
Opera GXPress CTRL + SHIFT + I to open Dragonfly. Click on the “Console” tab.
SafariPress  + OPTION + C to open the Error Console. (Make sure you check the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” box in the “Advanced” tab of the “Preferences” menu first.)
UniversalType “javascript:[your code here]” on the address bar, then press Enter.

Step 3: Use the Cheat Code in the console

A popup will be open right side in your browser. Now Simply Click on Console.

Step 4: Copy the cheat code which you want to execute.

Here are some examples of the codes you can use.

  • Game.Earn(<cookie amount>); – earn as many cookies as you want, on top of your current total
  • Game.cookies=1000; – set your total cookies to whichever number you want
  • Game.cookies= Game.cookies + <number>; – adds the desired amount of cookies to your current total
  • Game.cookiesPs=<number>; – sets your cookies per second amount

And here’s a list of all the other cool hacks you can activate using Cookie Clicker cheat codes:

  • Game.Achievements[‘<achievement name>’].won=1; – unlocks the achievement of your choice
  • Game.Ascend(1); – ascend to a heavenly space, turning your cookies into Heavenly Chips and Prestige
  • Game.AscendTimer=<time>; – change the Ascend Timer
  • Game.bakeryName=”<bakery name>”; – set a name for your bakery
  • Game.bakeryNameRefresh(); – refresh your bakery name
  • Game.BuildAscendTree(); – build the Ascend Tree
  • Game.buyBulk=<1/10/100>; – changes your X# buy amount
  • Game.CalculateGains(); – calculates gains
  • Game.computedMouseCps; – computes your mouse Cps (mouse cookies per second amount)
  • Game.computedMouseCps=<your desired mouse Cps amount>; – change your mouse Cps
  • Game.dragonLevel=<level>; – set your dragon level
  • Game.gainLumps(<amount of lumps>); – add as many lumps as you want
  • Game.Has(‘<achievement name>’); – check if you have a certain achievement
  • Game.killShimmers(); – removes all shimmers
  • Game.LoadSave(); – load a saved file
  • Game.LoadSave(local); – load a local save file
  • Game.localStorageGet(Game.SaveTo); – save your game locally
  • Game.MaxSpecials(); – get the max amount of specials
  • Game.Milk = <amount>; – change your milk amount
  • Game.milkProgress = <milk amount>; – change your milk progress
  • Game.mousePointer=0; – change your mouse pointer
  • Game.particlesUpdate(); – update particles
  • Game.popups=0; – remove the game’s popup notifications
  • Game.RuinTheFun(1); – unlock everything)
  • Game.santaLevel=<level>; – set the game’s santa level
  • Game.sesame=0; – turn sesame on or off
  • Game.SesameReset(); – reset the game
  • Game.SetAllAchievs(1); – unlock all achievements
  • Game.SetAllUpgrade(1); – get all upgrades
  • Game.Win(‘<achievement name>’); – another way to unlock an achievement of your choice
  • Timer.track(‘milk’); – lets you track the milk timer

If you think you might be seeing glitches in your game, it’s also worth knowing these debug codes for Cookie Clicker, which are inputted in the same place:

  • Game.DebuggingPrestige=false; – debugs your prestige
  • Game.debugTimersOn=<0 or 1>; – turns the debug timers off or on
  • Game.DebugUpgradeCpS(); – debugs your Upgrades Cps
  • Game.GetAllDebugs(); – get all the possible debugs
  • Game.HardReset(2); – hard reset your game

And that’s all we’ve got for you today in terms of Cookie Clicker cheats. We hope you have fun, and don’t get too obsessed with getting your numbers up!

Step 5: The Code might need edit like Amount or Name of the achievement (for example

edit Game.cookies = <amount>; to Game.cookies = 999999999999999;

and paste it and Boom Cheat activated !

So I hope you have enjoy the game and cheating experience. You can comment below your Favorite cheat or Method for cookie clicker

“Share the sweet success of cheating your way to the top in Cookie Clicker with your friends and spread the joy of endless cookies!”

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