Cookie Clicker Opensesame Hack

The Opensesame Hack is a cheat that allows players to unlock all the upgrades and achievements in Cookie Clicker instantly. This means that players can skip the tedious process of clicking on cookies and purchasing upgrades, and instantly become the top player.

How does the Opensesame Hack work?

The Opensesame Hack works by exploiting a vulnerability in the game’s code. When the player enters a specific code, the game unlocks all the upgrades and achievements, giving the player an unfair advantage.

Is the Opensesame Hack real?

Yes, the Opensesame Hack is real. It has been used by many players to cheat their way to the top of the game. However, it is important to note that using the Opensesame Hack goes against the spirit of the game and is considered cheating.

How to use the Opensesame Hack?

Method 1. Using Cookie clicker cheat code

To use the Opensesame Hack, the player needs to enter a specific code into the game. The code is “Game.OpenSesame();”. Once the player enters the code, all the upgrades and achievements will be unlocked instantly.

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Method 2. By using Cookie clicker Name Hack

You can also add ‘saysopensesame’ to the end of your bakery’s name. For example, “Rachel’s Bakery” becomes “Rachel saysopensesame’s Bakery”, or “Rachelsaysopensesame’s Bakery”. It is worth noting that if adding this phrase to the end of the name exceeds the character limit, the game will cut off the end of the phrase, and the command will not work. Changing your name afterwards will not close the console unless you refresh the page.

The game was designed to be played without cheats, and using the Opensesame Hack gives the player an unfair advantage over other players. It also goes against the spirit of the game and can ruin the fun for other players.

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